• Interbuilt

Interbuild Solutions approaches the design of any location by aiming to understand the factors that are critical to the visitors’ experience. If a retail design is needed, they create an environment that connects with consumers to encourage the purchase of products or services and build an emotional connection with the retailer’s brand. Interbuild provides full solutions from creating the concept to designing all the detailed plans required for the construction of any environment – whether residential or retail – The ultimate goal is to provide a superior environment with a unique and differentiated identity that appeals to your visitors.

Interbuild Solutions a complete one-stop design and production house that has few rivals – if any. Their specializations start with location design, including complete interior design and architectural elements. Shop fittings and furniture, all custom designed and built to order, are their other principle areas of expertise. What’s more, Interbuild distinctly stylish furniture is easily assembled, highly durable, and simple to maintain. It is also easily transported to anywhere in the world, giving growing retail businesses an extra competitive edge wherever the market.