Below is a list of publications and press covering serial entrepreneur Fred Mouawad’s interviews, start up tips, and business advice. Click on the links to read more. | 16 October 2015
Fred Mouawad, CEO of project management software company Taskworld, takes a very dynamic approach to “getting the right people in the right roles.”

Forbes Middle East | 12 April 2015
The Custodian: With three sons and new ventures that tie carats with construction, Robert Mouawad is leading a legacy.


Forbe | 2 March 2015
Mouawad Family has been named the world’s billionaire by the Forbes 2015


Entrepreneur | 29 Dec 2014
20 High-Powered Business Leaders Share Their New Year’s Resolutions. “Billionaire serial entrepreneur Fred Mouawad wants to manage his time better.”


Mashable | 21 Dec 2014
6 inspiring mantras to help you master work-life balance. “To further help balance work and my personal life, I abide by the following six mantras, which I encourage everyone to follow. These simple tips have helped me stay productive while still enjoying life to the fullest.”

Business Insider | 19 Dec 2014
20 Super-Successful People Share Their New Year’s Resolution. “Billionaire serial entrepreneur Fred Mouawad wants to manage his time better.


Entrepreneur | 10 Dec 2014
8 Tips to Keep You Productive This Holiday Season. “To help keep employees on-track and productive at the office this holiday season, here are eight productivity tips.”

Inc | 3 Nov 2014
10 Steps to Success as an Entrepreneur. “Want to start a business? Master these skills.”

Business Insider | 22 Oct 2014
Important Business Lessons From A Billionaire And 8-Time CEO. “Here are five of the most important things Mouawad says he’s learned throughout his career as an eight-time CEO”

Raine Magazine

Raine Magazine | 6 Oct 2014
Taskworld’s Top Sleep Aid and Data Tracking Apps. “Get to know Billionaire Fred Mouawad”

The Asian Entrepreneur

Asian Entrepreneur | 30 Sep 2014
Interview with Billionaire, Fred Mouawad


e27 | 1 Apr 2014
Track employee performance with billionaire Fred Mouawad’s TaskWorld. “What was started by Mouawad as internal task management service 8 yrs ago, is launched for the masses. Interestingly, though the co. is registered in US, most employees are based in Thailand.”


Techcrunch | 1 Feb 2014
Billionaire Jewerly King Launches Taskworld, A Management Tool All About Performance. “In Mouawad’s view, the better you can manage performance, the better the projects will be. The projects will get done faster and the people will get better through the feedback they receive.”


Forbes | 8 Jan 2014
7 Principles of Building A Multi-Generational Family Business: An Interview with Fred Mouawad. “These guiding principles position him to build upon his family’s legacy and to drive it into the next generation.”

Business Insider | 27 Dec 2013
The Billionaire Who Created Victoria Secret’s $10 Million Diamond-Studded Bra Just Launched A Cool New Business App. “The thing that interests him most these days is a brand new app he created called TaskWorld that helps enterprises manage employees and projects.